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Lasting Organic Deodorant | Toxic Free Body Products 

Organic Skin Care & Toxic Free Products with Eco-friendly Flare

We are organic bath and body lifestyle product company with a social mission to always be getting back to earth and create a sustainable way of life for those around us.All of our products are organic, non-gmo cruelty free, fair trade, eco-friendly, infused with essential oils and handmade in small batches with the purest ingredients in the world, some of the products include are full-featured line of long-lasting deodorants from unscented to lavender and citrus to our luxury line, that includes a rose scented deodorant and many more products such as Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, Dryer Balls, Himalayan Salt Candlestick Holder/Diffusers, Facials Sprays, Mists, Scrubs, Mask and Many More Products.